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The Brain That Really Can Change Itself

The power of neuroplasticity

Imagine your child sitting in a classroom, struggling to remember the instructions his teacher told him two sentences ago. The rest of his friends seem to know just what to do, but simply starting the task seems impossible.

Kids with attention deficits or learning disorders are often held back by their working memory capacity. But, with the help of innovations in cognitive neuroscience, many children are staying more focused, ignoring distractions and feeling less anxious.

Sound amazing? It is! Researchers in neuroplasticity (the idea that the brain can reorganize itself and change) have combined biofeedback with computer game designs to deliver real and lasting benefits to kids (and adults) who need it the most.

But, buyers must beware. A quick google search will bring up all kinds of sites promising to change your life with their products. Make sure any programs you’re looking at are peer-reviewed, evidenced-based with published research by leading scientists.

Here’s what I love about Cogmed, the program we use:

  • Backed by research. Cogmed is supported by hundreds of independent research studies led by leading neuro-cognitive scientists.
  • Cogmed acts on a different, more fundamental level. Once a child’s working memory has improved, acquiring new skills is suddenly much more doable for them. That translates into real life effects.
  • Trained Cogmed coaches ensure a 90% completion rates by keeping motivation up. After all, getting our brain to do some heavy lifting can be challenging.

Cogmed CoachThe most exiting research breakthrough yet: when you improve working memory capacity, the change generalizes to behavior. In other words, the change is translated to other things than just working memory. That often includes improvements in attention, school performance, mood and self-regulation. Just think, when a child’s brain system is supporting them better, they’re less stressed and cope better.

Cogmed isn’t for everyone, but if your child struggles with working memory this just might be right.

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Want to learn more about Cogmed and how it can help you and your child?

To speak with a Cogmed coach contact Michele Kambolis and the Harbourside Counselling Centre by email, telephone (604) 689-9116, or with this form.

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