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Introducing Mama Space

Mama Space will take you through 30 soul-supporting days of self-care, strengthening and renewal (it will bring you back home to Self and seriously revolutionize your mothering!)

Whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom, creative or entrepreneurial, outspoken or quietly expressive, wild or delicate, exhausted or bounding in energy, or everything in between, the Mama Space practice belongs to you.

your journey starts here

  • Through 2 guided meditations you will clear mental accumulation, restore balance, and open new portals to your mama wisdom.
  • The mantra cards are like soul vitamins nourishing those places within you that need it the most.
  • Delve deeply into self with the Conscious Mothering Journal. The questions were systematically chosen to invite self discovery and challenge unconscious programming.
  • The Mama Space Self-Care Guidebook will support you through every step of your practise, with vital tips from wisdom practitioners from around the world.

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We’re launching our package very soon, we’re in the final phases of making sure we’re giving you as much soul supporting, deep-diving, self-loving knowledge as we can. Make sure we know where to find you when we hit the ground running – you won’t be disappointed.