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“Anxiety forces us to sit up and take notice
that we cannot continue to live this way.”

The Anxiety Toolkit

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re looking to make some changes in your life. Maybe alarm bells in your body have been ringing loudly enough that you are sitting up and paying attention or you’re uncomfortably aware that anxiety is robbing you of a full life.

Anxiety whispers softly at first, but when left unaddressed it begins to bang at the door. All too often women suffer silently, so I’ve partnered with life coach Erin Treloar to empower you with tools to heal from anxiety.

The message I want you to know—the one I wish I had been told myself—is that anxiety is not the enemy. It is your invitation to profound and meaningful growth.

Tell me if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • You feel nervous, fearful, or on edge
  • You find it hard to control your worried mind
  • You often feel that something bad might happen
  • You have limiting beliefs that spiral out of control
  • You find it hard to get a good night’s sleep
  • Your tummy is constantly upset
  • You have frightening physical sensations
  • You’d rather stay home than face social situations
  • You’re struggling to find enjoyment in the things you used to
  • Fear is holding you back from fulfilling your biggest dreams

If this sounds all too familiar, please know you are not broken, or destined to feel like this forever. Anxiety is extremely common and with science-backed solutions you can feel better sooner than you’d think.
Anxiety is a sign that your mind and body need care and attention. By discovering the healing approaches that are right for you, anxiety can go away.

What You’ll Learn from
the Anxiety Toolkit

  • Daily practices and rituals to help regulate and soothe your nervous system
  • How to make friends with your thinking mind
  • Ways to reduce anxiety in the moment
  • Mindset shifts to release shame around having anxiety
  • Age old practices that will help you make peace with your mind and body
  • How to heal your body with natural, holistic day-to-day practices
  • You’ll discover how to transform how you relate to yourself and claim your wellbeing

What’s Included in
the Anxiety Toolkit

  • 21 evidence-based tools and practices to quell fear and anxiety taught through video, audio, and written materials
  • Beautiful handouts and journaling prompts to support deep reflection and healing
  • Meditations for Self-Love package
  • A copy of Michele’s book, When Women Rise: Everyday Practices to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Self-led learning so that you can go at a pace that feels right for you
  • Two live calls with Michele and Erin
  • Lifetime access to all the Anxiety Toolkit content full of video lessons, handouts, and tools.
  • A supportive community of amazing women who understand what you’re going through

The Anxiety Toolkit is your #1 resource to guide you through research-based tools that will soothe anxiety while unlocking an inner steadiness, wisdom, and connection with your true and authentic self.

ANXIETY doesn’t have to hold you back.