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Inspired to real
warmth, honesty,
and strength

speaking engagements

With an approach that leans hard on the science of neurobiology to address the traditionally softer topics of self-care and mind-body wellness, I have a passion for educating people about their inner potential to find wellness and healing.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on fostering your mind-body connection, or you want to dive deeper to address the toxicity of anxiety in children, I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned in both my own journey, and my doctoral research in mindbody medicine, in order to help you with yours.

Generation Stressed: Empowering children in the face of toxic stress.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn how to spot child anxiety and prevent it naturally.
  • Find out the ways that our changing lifestyle is contributing to toxic levels of stress.
  • Discover the top five mistakes we make when a child is anxious.
  • Learn about the powerful impact of conscious parenting in combating anxiety.
  • Find out how to empower children with evidence-based tools that rewire the mind-body system for a non-anxious state.
  • You’ll learn firsthand how play-based mindfulness activities can empower a child for life.

Transformative Parenting: Struggle Less Connect More.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Find out how your history may be subconsciously overriding your innate parenting wisdom.
  • Discover the ways in which your attachment style enhances or hinders your ability to parent with ease.
  • Learn about the nine temperament traits, the temperament dance and how your child’s innate style is an invitation for your growth.
  • Deconstruct your old parenting approaches and explore a new path to parenting without anger, anxiety or conflict.
  • Foster new tools for deep connection and create a path for motivated, resilient and joyful kids.

Awakening the Lost Language of Play: Using Play to Ignite Attachment, Self-awareness and Healing in our Children.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn the impact of adversity on a child’s development and play process.
  • Understand the ways play supports brain integration.
  • Discover how to support a child’s transformation, healing, development and attachment through play.
  • Learn how to identify typical and symptomatic play expressions from child therapy and parent-led play sessions.
  • Explore the language of play and ways to strengthen the attachment relationship through child-centred play.
  • Learn how to teach regulation, emotional coping skills, frustration tolerance and limit setting.
  • Cultivate new tools and skills for entering the world of the children in your life, on their terms and in their language.

The Courage to Create: Breaking through Blocks, Soulful Reclamation and the Healing Alchemy of Creativity.

Here’s what to expect:

  • This workshop is for those ready to stoke the fires of their limitless creativity.  
  • Learn how to transform the negative belief systems and unconscious programming that interfere with the fullest expression of your creative nature.  
  • Discover the revolutionary ways that creativity can help you break through suffering and bolster your mind-body health.
  • You will be led through a whole host of mindfulness and somatic techniques scientifically shown to expand connection with Self, open portals to intuition, and deepen your creative practice.
  • Discover why creativity is the work of soulful reclamation, amplifying the resonance of your life force and giving you more of yourself. 

The Biology of Belief: Unlocking the Power of your Mind for Limitlessness.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn about the neurobiology of belief – how you can rewire your mind for radical changes in well-being and achievement.
  • Discover why you are neither locked into your past, nor held back by genetic fate. Yes, you can cheat your DNA!
  • Discover your unique brand of self-imposed limitations and find out how to silence your inner critic.
  • Integrate the fundamental truth that your mind is your guru—what you need is already here.
  • Practice tools to change your story and take charge of your biology and beliefs.
  • Leave with a transformative map that is unique to YOU.

Mindfulness is the New Medicine: Cultivating Greater Joy, Health, Wisdom and Connection.

Here’s what to expect:

  • This workshop is for those open to the experience of meditation and curious about the simple yet potent ways it can reshape the mind-body system for greater well-being.
  • Discover the practices of insight meditation, mindfulness, compassion meditation and other wisdom traditions.
  • Learn about the revolutionary ways that neuroscience is changing our understanding of meditation.
  • Find out the difference between meditation as self-care and meditation as a transformational process.
  • Discover scientifically proven factors that support and hinder a sustained meditation practice.