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logo_theCHIKidsCHIKids is a unique Harbourside program run by our registered clinical therapists and teacher facilitators.  The curriculum utilizes the latest methods in positive psychology and cognitive behavioural methodology to help children learn mindfulness, thought restructuring and tackle stress in a fun and playful way.

CHIKids delivers an extraordinary curriculum designed to both boost emotional resilience and improve overall social-emotional development. CHIKids learn how to calm their anxieties, soothe hyperactivity, and transfer negative thoughts into positive—and become experts in adapting to any number of challenges life sends their way. By tapping into their core emotional strengths, CHIKids become their most amazing selves. Classes include dance and movement, relaxation and imagery games, yoga, stretching and breathing exercises.

The benefits of a child’s early involvement in programs focusing on emotional awareness, regulating stress and the development of positive coping methods extend from improved academic performance to overall mental wellbeing. Children come away feeling calm and refreshed, and armed with practical exercises they can use at home or school. CHIKids helps to ensure that all children are given the gift of happiness and emotional resiliency for life.