Meditation Monday 12–Week Live Online Training

More presence, more peace, and more joy with Meditation Monday 12–week live online training.

As we step into Fall, many of us are looking with fresh eyes at our core intentions for our health and well–being. Meditation Monday is a great place to start!

The Practice

Insight Meditation is one of the most time-honored, scientifically supported, and accessible forms of meditation we have today. During Monday Meditation hundreds of people have learned the foundations of insight meditation and cultivated a greater foundation of wisdom, inner steadiness, and compassion.

If you’d like to start—or continue—a transformative meditation practice that will awaken your way of being in the world we invite you to join Monday Meditation 12-week practice.


September 26th – December 12th
Every Monday 7–8PM PT
Via Zoom (recordings are available)


Each Week We Will:

  • Discover how to anchor in the present with a quiet and awakened mind.
  • Develop equanimity and the ability to ride the waves of emotions without losing ourselves in them.
  • Overcome negative self-talk and limiting belief patterns.
  • Expand our “circle of awareness” and overcome feelings of unworthiness.
  • Honour our lives with self-compassion and the ability to say yes to what is.
  • Steady ourselves with our inner wisdom and the teachings of meditation masters.

Who Can Join?

Whether you’re totally new to meditation or have been practicing for years, this practice is for you. Meditation is a technology that you may consider a mind-body health practice or you may use as part of your spiritual practice. Whichever you choose, it is a way to anchor yourself in the present moment and become more aware.

Still Not Sure?

Hands-down the biggest block to starting a regular practice is our own resistance to change. You do have enough time, you can sit still, and meditation isn’t just for yogis. I promise, almost anyone can meditate. While committing can feel intimidating, my step-by-step approach will take you to a deeply rooted practice in just three months.


$220 Plus Applicable Fees
Registration is Now Open!

Should you wish to gift Monday Meditation, please purchase in your name and reach out via the following contact information. We will then transfer the ticket to the individual of your choice.

Call us at 604-689-9116 with any questions or Email